A: Membrane technology to improve processes

  • The biggest impact so far: replacing thermal evaporation processes by reverse osmosis for seawater desalination
  • Where else can/does the use of membranes help saving energy demand?
  • Can membranes also contribute to less CO2 release in other –non-combustion- processes?
  • In the case of CH4,leakage plays a major role in the technical use of this gas. Selective membranes can reduce the release.
  • A significant release for CH4 as well as N2O originates from the liquid phase (=water). Membranes can help to reduce this release.
  • For Carbon Capture Usage / Storage( CCUS ) membranes can be used at different points in the process, either primarily for gas transfer from the atmosphere (or flue gas) or as a supplement/downstream for the treatment of adsorption solutions.