Initiative - Forum - Network

  • Promotions of the membrane technology and their practical application
  • Increase of the market for membrane technology
  • Formation of networks

Future Prospects

  • Improvement of the external communications
  • New Topics
  • Knowlegde pools, internet plattforms
  • Political work
  • Media work
  • Training

The DGMT works to:

  • mediate potential clients/users of membrane technology
  • to qualified specialist firms
  • provide literature and selected information for all interested parties
  • organize seminars, training sessions and specialist events
  • support the participation of membrane enterprises at trade exhibitions
  • stimulate and accompany research and development work
  • perform public relations campaigns and political work


Board of Directors

Chairman: Norbert Selzer
Deputy Chairman: Dr. Ines Bettermann
Treasurer: Udo Kolbe

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Stefan Panglisch

Advisory Board

Chairman: Dr. Nico Scharnagl

Deputy Chairman: Dr.-Ing. Peter Kreis


Franziska Blauth
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Bolduan
Dr. Torsten Brinkmann
Dipl.-Ing. Werner Ruppricht
Dr. Thomas Schiestel
Dr. Hartwig Voß


Anja Cargill
Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU)
Universitätsstraße 2
D- 45141 Essen

Phone: +49 (201) - 183-4299
Fax:     +49 (201) - 183-3672

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